Columbia 300 Bowling Gear

The biggest early advancement in bowling ball manufacturing was the use of polyester resin by Columbia 300 in 1960. In the five plus decades since then Columbia 300, Inc has innovated by putting a significant emphasis on research and development. Mix that with quality design and you get a great product for today's bowler!

Recent Columbia 300 Reviews

Reviewed: Sunday, Jan 7, 2024
Reviewer: Tmarlow from Hanford,ca
Piranha PowerCor!!!
Wow, I can’t believe how good this ball really is for a solid. It is super clean through the front of the lane with an angular motion the back. This ball is a solid with HK22 and Dynamicore. This one is going to be one of my favorite Columbia balls at Drill this year.
Reviewed: Saturday, Oct 14, 2023
Reviewer: Lane Side Reviews from Ontario
Better than the original
Does HK22 make everything better? You betcha! The already amazing Columbia 300 Speed is made even more incredible with the addition of HK22 to the Formula 1 coverstock. More flip, more hook, and much cleaner. It's a winner!