Hammer Bowling Gear

It all started with a single black ball called the Hammer with a urethane shell twice as thick as other bowling ball makers were using. The result? It hit harder and knocked down more pins! This was the first in a long line of no-nonsense high-performance bowling balls for serious bowlers. It's still true today. "Nothing hits like a Hammer."

Recent Hammer Reviews

Reviewed: Monday, Jan 8, 2024
Reviewer: Joe Somd from Seattle
Toxic for Pins
Holy cow! What an amazing ball. I have been waiting for a shiny big symmetrical ball to compliment my Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid and this is the one. The Hazmat has good length and nice pop down lane. What I notice the most about it is the way it changes direction. It gets into a roll with the Hazmat Hybrid cover and creates a more end over end roll – when you combine it with the shiny angularity, it creates a special roll phase in the later part of the lane. I would recommend this ball for someone with medium revs and speed; however I…
Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 6, 2024
Reviewer: Strikezone63 from Adairville, Ky
Easy rolling, powerful
I purchased this ball back in December. This is my first asymmetrical ball, and I love it!! It hooks on the back end without me really trying. It's smooth rolling keeps it on track. The oil doesn't seem to phase it, it plows through it and into the pocket!! I also got my first 200 + ( 222) game with this ball!! This ball will always be in my bag!!
Reviewed: Sunday, Dec 31, 2023
Reviewer: Coyotebowler from Klamath Falls Oregon
Great for transition!
Envy Tour Pearl: This exciting addition to the Envy line has me giddy. This is the answer to the front chop and carry down that many players experience when the tournament patterns start to move left. The Envy Tour Pearl is clean enough to get through the fronts, and still enough ball to continue through the pins. This ball is a great option after the Envy Tour has started to hook to early to be effective through the pins.