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Reviewed: Sunday, Dec 31, 2023
Reviewer: Coyotebowler from Klamath Falls Oregon
This is what Control looks like!
Sensor Solid: The Sensor Solid is made for control. The solid cover blends out the wet-dry conditions that are often seen on flatter patterns and helps control the pocket. The smooth predictable shape that this ball gives you doesn't sacrifice carry. The low RG core revs up early allowing you to use the lower differential to your advantage with smooth predictable shape to the pocket off the end of the pattern. A wonderful control ball.
Reviewed: Friday, Dec 15, 2023
Reviewer: dint from utah
this ball is amazing!!!!
the Track Theorem is a very clean and angular edition. it continues through the pin very consistently. it's a great in-between ball for the envy tour pearl and the one encore. this ball is also a great compliment and step up from the sensor and sensor solid.